Our Integrity Pricing Policy NO Hidden fee

At Watson’s Family Karate School we promise to let you know up front what exactly you are paying. Many Martial arts school will charge for  extras. While generally their monthly fee is low they tend to charge for things like belts, gradings, uniforms and of course your black belt grading, we have seen some schools charge as much as $1,500.00 for a black belt grading (even if the black belt candidate does not succeed.)

Some schools have several upgrade programs they suggest, after you have joined. These schools offer an upgrade to a Black Belt club with a multi-year nonrefundabe commitment. They include with their Black Belt Club special coloured uniforms, making you children feel special and teach material that had been originally removed from their art and put back in as an upgrade. Some Schools even require you to buy product at exorbitant coasts, not included in your tuition.

We at Watson’s know it’s not easy to raise children, we have four children of our own. We feel it is imperative that you know what it will cost you up front so that there will be no hidden surprises and no upgrades. Our policy is and will be that we will always tell you up front what our programs will cost you, and all the equipment that will be required. We will teach all of our art without you requiring an extra payment, or upgrade to an unreasonably long termed program.

NO surprises, NO Hidden fees, NO Black Belt Club and NO Hidden costs, just our promise to treat you as we would like to be treated, with integrity.

Mike and Joan Watson

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