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August 12th, 2019
Summer Camp

August 19th, 2019
Summer Camp last week


For those of you that attended the event, you know what a great success it was!  For those of you that missed it…..you missed the event of the year!

An event like this cannot happen without the selfless work of many people.  A huge thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Watson of Watson’s Family Karate and especially to Denise Beaulne who is responsible for keeping Mr. Watson organized.

The day started early with the Watson crew setting up for registration. Next Sigong taught the Short Snake Form and explained the finite detail of the form. The seminar had about 40 participants, as well as a lot of interested spectators.

Sigong and some of the senior instructors then graded people for their forms dragon, leopard, etc.

Thank you to Mr. Watson’s crew for printing up and getting the certificates ready that were presented. Also we would like to thank John LeMessurier from the Rexdale club for staying up most of the night to finish those certificates.

Once the grading was finished the tournament began. Thanks to Doug Lee of Crimson Tigers who once again supplied us with some awesome awards! Between Doug and John Atkinson the tournament was run smoothly and efficiently. We appreciate Chris Peel’s efforts (of Watson’s) for creating the programs to do the scoring in the forms competition and setting of the byes for fighting. (Thank you Watson’s for the use of all of your computers. The tournament finished before 4 pm and we had time to relax before the Banquet.

The Banquet started with some demonstrations. Thank you to Watson’s Family Karate demo team and Mr. Hugh for starting with a very exciting and upbeat demonstration. Also thanks to Sensei Darrell, Karen, Heather and Laura for their spectacular demonstrations. Thanks to John Johanis for organizing the demonstrations and his participation as well. Once again Mr. Johanis’ group entertained us with their sizzling performances. We had a special guest instructor of the Drumstick Ryu style…..the king himself, Elvis. Mr. Presley taught us how to use drumsticks to defend yourself.

Picture of the Masters - starting on the left, Ron Yamanaka, Alex Atkinson, Ken Tallack, Doug Lee and Sigung David Chong

Then each club presented awards to their individual students and parents for their outstanding contributions to the martial arts.  Dinner is served.  The menu was varied and abundant.  (Sensei Brent was spotted refilling 3 times and Sensei Alex hovered at the dessert table!)

After dinner the memorial awards were presented. Thank you to Brian Denham who stepped up and filled in for Sensei Day who was ill and couldn’t attend. Brian presented the Tony Chong award to Sensei Ken Tallack. The Humberto Medaros award was presented to Alex Atkinson by Louie Milonis. Wilson Chong award went to Doug Lee and was presented by Ron Yamanaka.

It was a fabulous day and enjoyed thoroughly by all.  We are already anxiously looking forward to next year’s 3rd Annual Tournament and Banquet which we are sure will be even better! 

Thank you to Sigong Chong and his lovely wife Sharon for letting us be part of their family.

Special thanks to:

  • Alex Atkinson - Promotion of event
  • Louie and Tom from United - Promotion of event
  • Ken Tallack - Promotion of event
  • Mitch Harrow - Promotion of event
  • Doug Lee - Promotion of event and the awards



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